About this Collection

The SIRI MSDS archive is maintained by Dan Woodard, MD [email protected] and Ralph Stuart, CIH. Our objective is to make critical safety information asimmediately and universally accessible as possible.

In the case of material safety data sheets, this and similar archives can benefit both safety and productivityby replacing tens of thousands of paper MSDS indexes at individual worksites with a few universal online archives. Electronic archives provide a single source where any MSDS can be instantly located; it is essential that information from all manufacturers be accessible in a single index because it is often difficult in an emergency to identify the manufacturer.

All information in this archive is freely accessible; to restrict access to this information by imposing passwords or fees would inevitably make it unavailable in an emergency, defeating the purpose of hazard communication.

This archive can provide current and accurate information only if manufacturers make it possible, either by sending us the electronic text or providing a link to files on their own servers. If you represent a manufacturer, and would like to make safety data on your products instantly available to your customers, you can add it to our archive simply by emailing the files you wish to add to [email protected] or ftping them to the incoming folder on hazard.com.

If you wish we will be happy to add a folder in the archive for your company, to which you can write directly, or add a link to an MSDS directory on your server. There is no charge except for translation of unusually complex word processor files. The most universally readable and reliable format is plain ascii text, but simple HTML is OK. For our purposes, content is more important than appearance. We will modify or delete any file if requested to do so by the product's manufacturer.

OSHA imposes a duty on manufacturers to provide an MSDS for each product to the customer at no additional charge. Electronic access such as this archive provides can satisfy that duty if the customer wishes to use it and no fee is charged. As more employers develop Internet access, this could significantly reduce the cost of MSDS distribution, as well as assuring any MSDS which is accessed is the latest version.

If you want to run an MSDS archive locally I recommend the Solutions Software CD-ROM. If you want to download the entire archive instructons are here,