Cabot Stains Samuel Cabot Inc. Very complicated index.
Cal Crop USA
Cal-Tek Industries Steamite alkalite cleaner
CAM2 Oil Products Company Oils, antifreeze, and hydraulic fluids
Campora LPG and Propane
Canadian Gypsum Company (CGC)
Carbonic Systems Liquid carbon dioxide
Carolina Biological Supply Lab and science education materials
Cedar Chemical Corporation
Cement Lining Co., Inc. X-pando
Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
Certainteed Insulation
CFR Carpet cleaning solutions
CGC - Canadian Gypsum Co Gypsum and building materials
Chem Lab Pool and Spa products
CHEMaster, Inc Specialty cleaning chemical compounds
Chemfree Ozzyjuice nontoxic solvents
Chemical Solutions
Chemical Specialties, Inc. Wood treatment products
Cheminova, Inc.
Chester Labs
Chevron Aviation Fuels and lubricants
Chiron Diagnostics
Chlor*rid International Inc.
Clausen Carpet Solutions
Climatic Control Company HVAC, combustion, boilers, etc.
Coastwide Laboratories Industrial and Commercial Cleaning (pdf format)
Coatings for Industry
Coleman Fuels lantern and stove fuel
Colin Campbell
Color Putty Co., Inc.
ColumbianChemicals Company Carbon black
Compotite Vinyl coated fabrics
Compotite Elastiseal
Concorde Battery
Consep, Inc.
ConservEpoxy Good HTML document format!
Continental Sulfur Company
Coogee Chemicals
Crystran Ltd Good index (combining specs and MSDS and good msds format)
CSI Corp. Nutri-Cal
CSS Technology Roadbond EN1
Cumberlan Swan First Aid/Personal Care (scroll to bottom for PDF links)
Custom Agricultural Formulators
Cyber Fluid Corporation Metal working fluid
CycleSorb (The Piedmont Group, Inc.)