H & S Chemical Co., Inc. Food service disinfectants
H L Bouton Antifogging fluids for lenses/goggles
Hagen Animal and fish care chemicals
Halotron Fire extinguishing agents
Hankin Ozone Systems, Ltd. Ozone
Health Sonics Corp.
Henry Company Construction materials
Heraeus Kulzer Dental products. Excellent index! ****
Hercules Plumbing Products
Hewlett Packard Printer supplies
Hexcel Corporation Epoxy Products for Cozy homebuilt aircraft
High Purity Standards (HPS)
Hill Brothers Chemical Company
Hillyard Aerosol Products
Hirshfield's Paint Manufacturing
Holnam Cement
Hooper Welding Supply
Horizon Distributors Cleaning Supplies
Horticultural Alliance, Inc. Horta-Sorb
Humco Health care and nutrition
Hummel Croton
Hydro Safe Biodegradable hydraulic fluids
HydroEngineering, Inc. Pressure washing products
Hyvac Products Vacuum pump oils