Lafarge Corporation
Lang Dental Manufacturing Co. Click on product - go to bottom of page
Lawson Products Inc. Equipment maintenance supplies (listed by part number)
LCI (Lucier Chemical Industries) Fluoride Compounds. Excellent no-nonsense HTML MSDS format.
Lehigh Cement
Lehle Seeds Silwet L-77
Liberty Natural Products Botanical ingredients
Lilly Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
Lincoln Electric Welding supplies
LiphaTech Rodenticides
Loctite Corporation Enter "Loctite" to see list of all products. Best MSDS format on the net****
Lone Star Epoxies Epo-Toxy Base and Hardener
Loveland Industries from CDMS
LPS Laboratories Cleaners, degreasers, lubricants, greases, and corrosion inhibitors
LSZ Ledisolv lead-specific detergent
Luna Tech Chemical smoke
Lydall Technical Papers Lytherm