Wafer Technology Gallium and Indium compounds. Simple and efficient index and document format.
Wahoo International Solarez polyester resin
Wakefield Engineering Thermal management for electronics. Fast index, good format.
Wayne Pigment Company Corrosion and stain inhibitive products
WCI (Western Chemical International) Environmentally safe industrial cleaning chemicals
W.D. Service Company Ammonia specialty products
WD-40 Company WD-40 aerosol and bulk
Webb Wright Corporation (from CDMS)
Werneke & Mulheran WMI Inks
Wesco Technologies
Wescor, Inc. Instrumentation for clinical and life science laboratories
Western Chemical International Cleaning products for electronic instrumentation, and electrical and mechanical equipment
Western Farm Service (from CDMS)
Westford Chemical Biosolve wetting agents and surfactants
Westroc Gypsum and concrete building materials
WF Taylor Flooring Adhesives
WFR Firefighting equipment. Excellent index and MSDS format!
Whitmire Micro-Gen Pest control
Wilbur-Ellis Agricultural chemicals
Wilbur-Ellis Company (from CDMS)
William Blyth Inorganic chemicals
Wood Kote
Wood Recycling,Inc. Hydro-Blanket errosion control
Worldwide Filter
Worthington Biochemical Corporation
WSIChemical N-Terpinal cleaning solution